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August 19, 2008, 12:07 pm
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pickles, adzuki beans, kabocha, rice, croquettas

kimchee , adzuki beans, kabocha, rice, croquettas

miso soup packet


Koyadofu/Egg Scramble with Vegetables
August 5, 2008, 4:33 pm
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koyadofu scramble

koyadofu scramble

Clockwise from right – Koyadofu scramble with eggs, green pepper, shiitake, carrot over brown basmati rice; adzuki beans; Hebrew National all beef hot dog; Mixed cherry tomatoes and a pickled cucumber

Healthy Snack

Healthy Snack

Not So Healthy Snack

Not So Healthy Snack

Ephemeral Dark Hot chocolate from Dilettante and a Lemon Bar.  It looked Goth Loli so I included it 😉

January 16, 2008, 10:25 am
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2 bentos with hakusai-maki. i got a new cell phone with a nifty camera in it, so hopefully there will be more bento posts (depending on how late i’m running for work… haha). Also I will take some food photos.

Hakusai-maki, Hijiki, Curry Cauliflauer pickles, iri-dofu, rice

Hakusai-maki, Curry cauliflower pickles, cherry tomato, rice with umeboshi and shiso

tofu and vegetable stir fry
October 30, 2006, 2:26 am
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my bento

my bento - 10.30.2006

rice w/ umeboshi; trader joe’s soy-cutash and thai baked tofu stir fried with a dash of soy sauce; hard boiled egg; shrimp tempura (also frozen from trader joes!)

take-awasi (simmered foods)
January 6, 2006, 3:54 am
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my bento looks bigger than his but he has a lot more food. mine is all spaced out and his is crammed in tight! hehe. today was the boy’s day off, so i didn’t make any bentos, hence the gap in posts. i can’t wait to get my new bento boxes, they sure will make presentation a lot more interesting..

his bento:

bento box counter clockwise from left: simmered tofu with simmered carrot flower, simmered shiitake, spinach ohitashi (i made wakame but it came out so slimy ugh.. i need to not oversoak it), simmered carrot flowers, seafood tamagoyaki, beef onigiri, shrimp; left: kiwi; top: blueberry filled cake

my bento:

clockwise from left: beef onigiri, kiwi slices, seafood tamagoyaki, spinach ohitashi, simmered shiitaki, simmered tofu, shrimp, simmered carrot flowers; left: japanese sponge cake

i’m up way too late tonight.. ugh -_-

tofu and pork croquetas
January 2, 2006, 12:36 am
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today’s bento is lots of leftovers from the past week, plus a few items i made especially for lunch. the boy has the day off but wants to work a few hours, so i decided to make lunches for us. besides, i think these are the cutest lunches i’ve made yet! ;D

his bento:

right container, from top: tofu and pork croquetas with tonkatsu sauce, green beans simmered in soy sauce, kamaboko sakura flowers, asazuki with apples, green beans and carrots rolled in beef, tamagoyaki with kamaboko, chinese rice ball filled with sesame oil (too oily for me, but he loves them); left container: rice balls with beef (top two) and umeboshi and kombu (bottom).

it’s a lot of food, but he’ll probably eat one or two of the rice balls seperately. also, i just noticed, i almost had a horizontal stripe pattern going on with his bento!

my bento:

bottom layer: tofu and pork croqueta with tonkatsu sauce, star shaped onigiri with egg, persimmon slices; top layer: tamagoyaki with kamaboko, green beans and carrots rolled in beef, broccoli and apple asazuki; back: azuki bean doriyaki (i love azuki bean paste!!)