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shrimp tempura + tube fish cake with asparagus + bacon and corn fried rice
December 15, 2006, 3:47 pm
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my bento

my bento - 12.15.2006

hard boiled egg (it fell apart 😦 ); pan fried asparagus; fish cake tube with asparagus (this tastes GREAT with kewpie mayo but i’m watching my calories); cherry tomato; shrimp tempura (pre-frozen from trader joe’s, probably one of the best investments i’ve made!); rice fried with bacon and roasted sweet corn

i work today but he doesn’t.. so i get a bento, and he gets a plate.  *sigh* i want to stay home 😦  but at least i have a nice lunch!!


octopi, eggroll, shrimp gyoza
October 24, 2006, 9:44 pm
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his bento

his bento - 10.24.2006

vegetable eggroll; shrimp gyoza; broccoli stir fried with ginger, soy, and sesame oil; octopi weiners boiled and stir fried with yakisoba sauce; steamed rice

sorry for the lack of updates!  we moved and i couldn’t find my little webcam.  i have gotten really lazy with my bentos lately since i am not cooking as much.  i buy a lot of frozen stuff from trader joe’s hahahaa!  featured here today are trader joe’s vegetable eggroll, shrimp gyoza, and broccoli.  the hot dogs are hebrew national brand beef weiners.  the hebrew ones are good quality and very skinny, ideal for bento.  i cut mine into 3 pieces and make whatever shapes with them.. i should get some of those fancy weiner cutters!

if you want easy “fresh” sides to add with frozen stuff, add a hardboiled egg, tamagoyaki, or steam some frozen veggies.  mixed veggies are good because they add color and variety — i like trader joe’s soycutash mix.  he is more picky so i just stick with broccoli or corn or green beans (booooring).

other trader joe’s products that are awesome for bentos include their teriyaki chicken and mandarin orange chicken.  i also just got their teriyaki and pineapple salmon… hrrmmm i can’t wait!  they also sell a jar of minced ginger that i’ve been using a lot.  it’s really good mixed with canned tuna and soy sauce (with a dash of mirin) and some mayo for an onigiri filling or tuna sandwiches.

anyways, look forward to more bento lunches!!  i promise i won’t be a stranger here..