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yaki udon!
September 13, 2006, 1:27 pm
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his bento

his bento - 09.13.2006

yaki udon with pork rib, cabbage, and carrots; apple slices; hostess CHOCODILE for dessert

yaki udon is easy to make.  i used dry udon noodles but you can also use the pre-packaged fresh ones.  if using dry udon noodles, boil them for 10-12 minutes and rinse them in cold water REALLY well to get all the starch off.   making yaki udon is similar to making yakisoba.. stir fry the meat and veggies and set aside, then stir fry the noodles for a few minutes.  add the meat and veggies, then add 1 T soy sauce and 1 T sake.  stir fry until well mixed, then transfer to bento box of choice..!


a bento of firsts – soba and sushi
July 18, 2006, 9:10 am
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todays bento are many first time attempts. my first sushi and my first soba noodles. since it’s summertime i’m experimenting with cold dishes (even though it has been a very cold summer here in seattle..)
his bento
his bento - 07.18.2006
top: donut peach
bottom: soba noodles with broiled chicken thigh, simmered shiitake, carrot; 2 pieces of crystallized ginger candy (the black container is sauce for the soba noodles)
my bento
my bento - 07.18.2006
top: soba noodles with thin sliced tamagoyaki, simmered shiitake, carrot, and broiled chicken thigh
bottom: cucumber roll and cherry tomatoes for garnish

originally i was just going to have the cucumber roll and some of the side dishes i included in the soba, but i had made so much soba for his lunch that i had some leftover! the cucumber roll is a little smooshed because i made them just a little too big. next time i will make them much smaller. not bad for a first sushi!!!

a note about soba noodles — after you boil them be sure to wash them really well.  after cooking, drain the noodles, then return them to the pot you boiled them in.  fill the pot with cold water and lightly “scrub” the noodles by gently rubbing them together in your hands (careful not to break them) until the surface is no longer sticky (do it for a few minutes).  drain the noodles back into the strainer and rinse with cold water.  if the surface is sticky you still need to “scrub” them more.