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katamari darcy!
December 6, 2006, 3:24 pm
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i made a felt ornament of the prince from the me and my katamari game..!

katamari prince

also thought i’d share our stockings (even though they have nothing to do with bento nor food)

nicks stocking

my stocking


it’s xmas time!!
November 30, 2006, 2:43 am
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here are some japanese themed xmas tree ornaments i’ve made!

a shrinky dink ornament hand drawn by me of a shrimp sushi

shrinky dinks hand drawn by me of onigiri

here are some sloppy pictures of the gameboys (they are very fuzzy):

and last (but not least) here is the tree topper i made, for the top of our tree (i promise i will share a picture of our xmas tree when we put it up!)

happy new year!
December 31, 2005, 3:08 pm
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i didn’t pack any bentos today because it’s saturday and it’s new year’s!! next year i plan to make traditional japanese new year’s food (osechi ryori) in a nice stacked bento, and maybe do some decorating and a few activities at home… but this year we’re just watching football and going out drinking.

what is osechi ryori? it’s what’s traditionally eaten by japanese during the new year’s celebrations. it’s served in a multi-layer bento box.

here are pictures from e-obento.com of osechi ryori that can be prepared at home:

top layer:

clockwise from top left: mashed sweet potatos with chestnuts, tazukuri (sardines), fish paste tamagoyaki, kombuoku, black soybean, tamagoyaki, vinegared daikon and carrot with yuzu in yuzu shell, kamabuoku, smoked salmon and daikon rolls

middle layer:

clockwise from top left: boiled and seasoned prawn, vinegared mamakari (a sardine-like fish), herring roe, lotus root salad, grilled tofu, boiled and seasoned shiitake, ikura or cod roe? in a sudachi shell, chrysanthemum turnips

bottom layer:

from top: burdock wrapped in kombu, bamboo shoots, snow peas, carrot and tofu flowers, konnyaku, taro, simmered lotus root.

here is another osechi ryori spread from obento-diary:

osechi ryori can also be pre-purchased. here in seattle, uwajimaya was accepting pre-orders for osechi ryori boxes.

uwajimaya osechi ryori

i found a photo album from an american living in japan and his experience with osechi ryori and the japanese new year.

garrreynolds osechi ryori

because this is a bento-oriented blog, i won’t really go into the japanese new year, but here are some interesting tidbits i stumbled across…

the owner of j-list has a great blog entry about a new year’s tradition involving the daruma. the daruma is a little round head that comes with no eyes. you color in one eye when you make a wish, and then color in the other eye when your wish comes true. i think you are supposed to burn them, but sometimes businesses will keep them on display as a symbol of prosperity. j-list also has a lot of traditonal japanese new year’s stuff in their collection, like cards, decorations, even a card game.

japane-guide.com has a good overview of japanese new year activities, and there is a link on the bottom of the page that goes over a few traditions in more detail. kidsweb japan has a cute article about a game played by kids on new years.

there are a lot of articles on the web for information on how japanese new year if you want to find out more!