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tricolor donburi and crab tamagoyaki
December 4, 2006, 2:20 am
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his bento

his bento - 12.04.2006

fire roasted corn; ground chicken sauteed in sugar, soy sauce, and ginger; chopped spinach; fish cake tubes with mayo; imitation crab with mayo; shiitake mushrooms

my bento

my bento - 12.04.2006

rice with takanazuke and dried shrimp; cherry tomato; takoyaki w/ mayo and nori; tamagoyaki with imitation crab; kabocha simmered in soy sauce, dashi, and sugar


tri-color donburi – without eggs
September 12, 2006, 1:47 pm
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his bento

his bento - 09.12.2006

smoked salmon, stir fried corn, chopped spinach, apples with lemon juice, sweet simmered shiitake, fish cake tube with mayo

he doesn’t like eggs on rice, but had asked me to make him this when he saw the picture in my japanese family style recipes cookbook. the design was taken from the naomi kijima book, but i decided to use corn instead of eggs. i stir fried the corn in oil with salt. you can also add soy sauce and sugar to make it taste a little more like the eggs. for the spinach, i just blanced it in salt water, rinsed with cold water, drain and chop.

smoked salmon donburi, tamagoyaki, and daikon rice
September 12, 2006, 1:41 pm
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his bento

his bento - 09.11.2006

top: smoked salmon and green onion tamagoyaki, sweet simmered shiitake, stir fried green beans, and fish cake with mayo
bottom: daikon rice with furikake
my bento

my bento - 09.11.2006

left: salted cucumber salad with sesame seeds, apple slices, adzuki beans
right: smoked salmon donburi

i love donburi but he hates it. he doesn’t like egg on rice or sweet egg or hard boiled egg!!! so i made him a tamagoyaki with some smoked salmon and green onion, a dash of soy sauce and a dash of sake.

daikon rice: this recipe was taken from naomi kijima’s bento book. marinate daikon in soy sauce for about 10 minutes, drain, and stir into cooked rice along with bonito flakes. i topped mine with my favorite furikake which is a mix of bonito flakes, nori, sesame seeds. this was actually leftover from dinner last night..

smoked salmon donburi: this recipe was also adapted from naomi kijima’s bento book. she has a recipe for unagi (bbq eel) donburi and i instead replaced it with the smoked salmon.

the adzuki beans also came from naomi kijima’s bento book. i used canned beans instead, and added about half the sugar since i don’t like mine as sweet.

green boxes!
August 15, 2006, 12:38 pm
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both of our bentos were packed in green boxes!  purely coincidentally (it’s all that was clean heh heh).  maybe it will bring us a little extra prosperity!?

his bento

his bento - 08.15.2006
steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots; pork gyoza with sauce bottle; salmon rice with nori
dessert: cherry cheesecake

my bento

my bento - 08.15.2006
clam donburi, stir fried mixed vegetables, pork gyoza with sauce

easiest gyoza sauce: 1 T soy sauce, 1 T rice vinegar, 2-3 drops of sesame oil

clam donburi is pretty easy. donburi is dishes where egg is cooked in a sweet watery sauce and served over rice.  this is a variation of naomi kijima’s clam donburi.  in my variation i used canned clam and green onions.  she also has a bbq eel donburi that i’d love to try with bbq pork!  japanese cooking is actually very affordable but you have to make substitutions for items that are cheap and readily available where you live.

salmon rice – also adapted from one of naomi kijima’s recipes (salmon cucumber rice).  saute canned salmon and ginger in a frying pan, add hot cooked rice, remove from heat and season with salt and pepper.  top with nori.  he doesn’t like cucumber (except in cucumber salad) so i didn’t want to make the rice as per her recipe.  the nori is my “green” substitution to ensure he gets his vitamins.

oyako don
January 19, 2006, 8:12 pm
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my bento

my bento - 01.19.2006

front: oyako don with chicken and shingaku (instead of mitsuba..) over white rice sprinkled with nori; back: apple slices

i made the oyako don recipe from the bento box cookbook, only i substitued dashi for water and 1 whole green onion for regular onion.. and shingiku for mitsuba. i guess mitsuba isn’t in season, although i can usually get it when it is. i thought a darker green with more nutrition might be a better choice anyways………

no bento for him today.. he went to the dentist and his mouth hurts to much to eat anything 😦 we’re having ochazuke for dinner hahaha..



January 14, 2006, 3:52 am
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ok so tomorrow is saturday and i don’t *really* have to pack a bento………… but i am anyways 😛 i think i’ve got an addiction.. a serious serious addiction..

his bento
his bento - 01.14.2006
sukiyaki, mandarin orange slices, chrysanthemum turnip with red ginger accent

i got him a new furoshiki today! it has the little sanrio monkey guy on it. the monkey is my favorite cuz he always has weird random stuff on his head.

my bento
my bento - 1.14.2006
sukiyaki, persimmon slices, chrysanthemum turnip with red ginger accent

i think the inspiration for these bentos comes from the idea of eating leftover sukiyaki in a more visually appealing way. i prefer to eat leftovers in a bento for some reason..