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About Me

Welcome to my bento blog! I decided to start keeping a bento blog because I figured it would help motivate me to pack bentos each day. Not to mention, I am a big fan of the Japanese bento blogs that are all over the web and sad at the lack of English language bento blogs. I have been teaching myself Japanese cooking since late 2004 (with the help of a few friends as guinea pigs), and I really love the variety of flavors and types of foods used in this cuisine.

Recently I have started adjusting my bento for my palate.  Japanese food uses a lot of sugar and I prefer things sour or salty.  I’m a health nut and prefer to use whole grains like brown rice and quinoa.  I’m also Cuban-american and like to integrate a little of that latin flavor into my bento.  Cuban flavor includes cumin, lime juice, and garlic.

I’ve moved my blog to Blogspot because I’ve been using Picasa and it’s all integrated.

Use the banners below to link me if you want! Please link to http://leggomyobento.blogspot.com. Thanks!

leggo my obento!

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Hello ^^
I gave a look at your links and I guess you lack of mine: BENTO MANIA http://bento.splinder.com/
I also love bento, I speak japanese and I am fond og japanese cooking style and way of living, I also live with a japanese ^^
My blog is in italian because in my country bento is notyet well known and I am trying to make people know it
Anyway you can give a look at my daily bento fotos and tell me what you think ^^

Yurippe Masuda

Comment by yurippe masuda

I love your site! its made me hungry.
and a side question…do you play roller derby for Rat City???
(I read the post about going to rollercon)
I’m planning on going down to seattle next month sometime…where do you buy your bento supplies??

Comment by kitty

Love your site. I am from the swamps outside of New Orleans, LA, but I lived up north for a long time. Growing up on very spicy & often seafood based food; I found myself always eating asian foods up north to get the heat & flavor. ( Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, etc…) You Bento has inspired me! I think that I’ll use some Kim Chi for red color (and spice) and maybe an octopus of preserved banana. thanks again.

Comment by Bryan

Wanna do a link exchange? I’m a Canadian teen and I want to spread my friend and I’s bento blog out on the ol’ internet! The link is:
We have a little button if you can use to link us if you scroll down the navigation! ^^

Thank you, and e-mail me with a reply!


Comment by Anita

I like the anime!

Comment by online fruit machine

hmmmm…very interesting!
Thanks google

Comment by Sugundet

Hi there. How are you? I like your BENTO Blog.It is very intersting to me, becouse I have a BENTO business in NY. Now most costmer is Japanse working in NY, but sooner or later I really want to try to sell BENTO to other contries people like american.
so if you dont mind , I want to talk to yo more about BENTO. what made you like BENTO so much or can you teach what kind stuff American like and dont like.
Now I just wonder how I explain how good japanese BENTO is. Please mail me back.
Thanks for your time.

TORU from NY

Comment by TORU

you selling any yet? would love to buy – live no where near a daiso store.

theresa – north carolina

Comment by theresa

Hello! I’m Italian and i saw your web page surfing by the net…i’m agree with you!and i think your web is very great! I love so much japanese cooking and i love too the manga Karin , that you have used to make up your page!! but i haven’t find yet a book ,that supply me a goot explain to prepare the real japanese food!and also the ingriedient are too hard to find….bhe… see you soon !! ciao ciao

Comment by GIULIA

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