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niku jaga!
December 22, 2006, 2:00 am
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his bento

his bento - 12.22.2006

niku jaga; rice with umeboshi; steamed asparagus

here’s my recipe for niku jaga, i like it really sweet:

thin sliced sukiyaki beef (about half a pound at most)
4 small or 3 medium potatoes (the small ones with thin skin)
1 carrot
1/2 yellow onion
1 cup (japanese – 180 ml) dashi
2T sugar
2T soy sauce
1T sake

chop carrot, cut potatoes into fourths, and slice the onion.  stir fry beef, potato, onion, and carrots in heavy skillet on medium heat for 5 minutes.  mix rest of ingredients with the dashi in a seperate bowl then add.  turn heat to med-low and cover skillet.  cook until the potatoes and carrots are soft (this varies by individual preference).  serve hot (but i think it still tastes good at room temperature..!).  ideal side dishes are green vegetables and some kind of light crunchy fresh food, like tomatoes or cucumber salad or apples.


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i like niku jaga too…totemo kantan neh! kedo watashi itsumo “tsukiyaki no tare” de tsukuta hehehe… now iknow the niku jaga for recipe its to soon..thanks

Comment by hani

Very nice! I will use this recipe– I like food more salty. すごい~~

Comment by Karen [fumiko]

Thanks for posting this interesting recipe!

Comment by Sorina

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