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smoked salmon donburi, tamagoyaki, and daikon rice
September 12, 2006, 1:41 pm
Filed under: Bento, Donburi, Fish, Rice

his bento

his bento - 09.11.2006

top: smoked salmon and green onion tamagoyaki, sweet simmered shiitake, stir fried green beans, and fish cake with mayo
bottom: daikon rice with furikake
my bento

my bento - 09.11.2006

left: salted cucumber salad with sesame seeds, apple slices, adzuki beans
right: smoked salmon donburi

i love donburi but he hates it. he doesn’t like egg on rice or sweet egg or hard boiled egg!!! so i made him a tamagoyaki with some smoked salmon and green onion, a dash of soy sauce and a dash of sake.

daikon rice: this recipe was taken from naomi kijima’s bento book. marinate daikon in soy sauce for about 10 minutes, drain, and stir into cooked rice along with bonito flakes. i topped mine with my favorite furikake which is a mix of bonito flakes, nori, sesame seeds. this was actually leftover from dinner last night..

smoked salmon donburi: this recipe was also adapted from naomi kijima’s bento book. she has a recipe for unagi (bbq eel) donburi and i instead replaced it with the smoked salmon.

the adzuki beans also came from naomi kijima’s bento book. i used canned beans instead, and added about half the sugar since i don’t like mine as sweet.


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