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daiso seattle update
July 21, 2006, 1:40 am
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i took a trip up to daiso in alderwood mall and found a lot of bento supplies there. it’s a bit of a journey (especially for the car-less) but the prices are good!

here’s one shot of the section with REALLY SUPER TINY bento boxes, great for kids or snacks. they also have the little paper cups with the plastic coating.. and foil cups:


here’s a shot of the other part of the bento section with all the little wiener cutters, separators and other doo dads:


who knows, i might start selling some of this stuff on ebay bwahahaahahaha..!


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I love the Daiso store! I need to go back in since it looks like from your picture that they have the little sauce bottles back in stock.

Comment by Ginger

Ahhh! I went to a Daiso store here in Korea (here for the summer) and they hardly had any stuff at all! Ooohh… maybe I’ll try to visit another and see if they have a better selection. 😀

Comment by Min

Oh, I’m so jealous!!!!

Comment by Singular Stitches

where is alderwood mall? i am in toronto ontario canada, after i saw daiso’s picture, i really would likt to buy some bento stuffs, if you sell bento stuffs you can make a lots of money!!! base from what i saw on the pic, it only cost 1.5$ for one bento, on e bay at least 9.5$ for one bento. where is alderwood mall? it must be some where is usa, is this right? oh, you are so lucky! you can get these stuffs for low price, so far i have not see one daiso in toronto at all! it’s sad but we have a lots of dollrama – dollar store but the stuffs there all made in china no quality but ugly, not as nice as daiso’s stuffs, daiso is from japan they got quality and style!!!

Comment by connie

Please, *please* sell some of this stuff on ebay! I — and many others, I’m sure — would definitely descend upon the goods like so many hungry people on food. The bento accessories, especially, would be in high demand. It’s really not worth forking out the small fortune needed to buy such small items from abroad.

I look forward to when you begin offering these — I’ll be your first customer!

Comment by ashan

And now there’s a Daiso at Westlake Mall in downtown Seattle.

Comment by tralfaz

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