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July 10, 2006, 10:14 am
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we’re so poor this week that bentos will be a lot of reconstituted dry stuff (and defrosted..)  it’s amazing the amount of nutritional yumminess that can be obtained from dried japanese stuff that’s been sitting in the cupboard for months..

his bento

his bento - 07.10.2006

from left: guayaba paste, chicken fried rice, stir fried wakame

my bento

my bento - 07.10.2006

left: chicken vegetable fried rice
right: guayaba paste, freeze dried tofu, stewed konbu (kind of hard to see, on the bottom)

his looks pretty barren but he is a very picky eater, likes plain things.. and we just don’t have a lot of food options that he likes right now.. so there ya go.