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brown rice + ground chicken
May 16, 2006, 11:42 pm
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my bento

my bento - 05.17.2006

left, from top: hard boiled egg, mixed green salad with carrot, tomato, and cauliflower; right: brown rice with ground chicken and umeboshi

his bento

his bento - 05.17.2006

counter-clockwise from top left: artichoke hearts, omelette with spinach and provolone, brown rice with ground chicken and umeboshi

sorry for lack of posts!  i just haven't really been inspired.. i'm working more whole grains into our diets!  so besides my japanese-northwest fusion cooking style, expect more whole grains.  as a side note, tamagoyaki or japanese omelettes are a great way to make a portable omelette.  if you have the tamagoyaki pan, you can put pretty much anything in the omelette, and you can use plain egg without mixing stuff into it.  so in this instance, i basically made a spinach and provolone cheese omelette but i rolled it japanese style rather than folding it american style…

also i should note.. uwajimaya has brown rice sushi rolls available in their deli now.  i've never been a big make my own sushi kind of person but i might be interested in experimenting with brown rice after having a good experience with their sushi today! 


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other than using the ordinary brown rice, you could use the much redder kind. its higher in fiber and the color is much more enticing. you might find it at an asian supermarket or maybe the local grocery store. well…ok. good luck!

Comment by whatever.

Lots of nice ideas! Great about the whole grains, we’re doing that too, so I’ll check back for ideas (thanks). Have you heard anything about the Seattle Daiso store having bento boxes? My friend just sent me some from her Daiso in Tokyo. They are great. I’d love to find out what we can get over here on the West Coast, USA

Comment by sheri

sheri – i will post some pix from seattle’s daiso store. yes they have lots of bento stuff for cheap. you can also get bento stuff at uwajimaya but it’s not as cheap (but a lot closer than alderwood mall)

whatever – thank you for the tip about red brown rice! i will definitely try that!

Comment by i heart p0rk

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