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chikuwa + tonkatsu + simmered daikon
February 1, 2006, 12:54 pm
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sorry for the lack of bento updates.. and these are actually pretty boring.  the boy was sick all weekend and couldn’t eat, so i had too many leftovers.  also this is my first time using the totoro bento.  kijima’s book has miso soup balls you can pack, but i didn’t have time this morning so i just packed some powdered miso soup mix in a small bag to use in the bowl.
his bento

his bento - 02.01.2006

front left, clockwise: daikon carrot pickles, tonkatsu, chikuwa,  stir fried corn and green beans; front right: simmered pork and daikon, rice; back: dried miso soup; dessert: trader joe’s miniature cheesecake

my bento

my bento - 02.01.2006

left: simmered pork and daikon, rice; right, from top: meatball, trader joe’s miniature cheesecake, pork tonkatsu, kidney beans, chrysanthemum turnip


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Sounds delicious. I wish the photos were a bit brighter, though. 🙂

Comment by Geishabot

More photos! Better photos!

Comment by ngoc

i can’t find my digital camera 😦 i’m using a little web cam so sometimes there’s enough light for a good shot and other times there’s not…

Comment by i heart p0rk

i love those little green boxes on the last picture.
where did you get them?

Comment by sophia

that’s actually the “kakashi bento” that i found on ebay!

Comment by i heart p0rk

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