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simmered pork with daikon
January 28, 2006, 3:24 am
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japanese translation of title: buta-baraniku to daikon no nimono

i like packing bentos for saturdays, even tho neither of us has to leave the house because it means lunch is taken care of. generally we nibble on them throughout the day. whenever he gets hungry he can just open up his bento and eat something. same for me – lunch is made so i’m not tempted to eat something unhealthy. anyways maybe i’m just weird, but i like saturday bentos. also it’s a good use of leftovers from the week’s bentos…

his bento

his bento - 01.28.2006

back, from left: simmered pork with daikon, rice with nori flakes; front, from left: daikon carrot pickles, chikuwa fritters and calamari fritters, stir fried corn and green beans, kiwi slices
my bento

my bento - 01.28.2006

back: rice with nori flakes, simmered pork and daikon raddish (i don’t use seperators because i like how the juice gets into the rice); front, from left: meatball, stir fried corn and green beans, calamari and chikuwa fritters, daikon and carrot pickes; left: kiwi slices

note that i also got the bento boxes i had ordered from j-list.com!! they are even cuter than in the pictures!!


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