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pork fried rice
January 11, 2006, 11:49 am
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the best use of leftover rice is fried rice! we ordered hot mama’s pesto pizza last night for dinner and i’d made rice for yesterday’s bentos that morning.. and still had nearly half a pot of rice leftover this morning… so i made fried rice.

his bento
his bento - 01.11.2006
left, from top: hamburger with tonkatsu sauce, simmered konbu, simmered shiitake; right: pork fried rice; dessert: slice of pound cake

my bento:
my bento - 1.11.2006
left: pork fried rice; right, from top: mandarin oranges, simmered konbu, simmered shiitake, hamburger


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I just wanna leave a friendly message. as.. i love your blog ^^!!!! please keep up the good work of bento pictures!! because x) i just love cute/delicious bento 😀 i’ve been search pix of it. thank you for loading up ur blog!! it’s great! gambatte!! ^___^!

Comment by vicky

thanks! i try to make them as pretty as possible but sometimes i just don’t have time 😦 glad you like them! i like bento pictures too hehe

Comment by i heart p0rk

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