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new bento boxes
December 30, 2005, 3:57 pm
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i just ordered some new bento boxes from j-list and one off ebay.

round totoro bento with miso bowl

this is a fairly unique collectors item! i couldn’t resist. also, i pack a miso soup ball on occasion, so with a small container of rice or onigiri, i think this could work great. he doesn’t like donburi, but i do, so it would work great for that as well.

totoro bento, assembled totoro bento, parts

large rectangular dokodemoissho bento

i hope it’s not too girly for the boy!! it’s a larger size bento in a nice green color, and i like the angles on it.

[edit: he says it’s not too girly; he likes it cuz the cat looks stoney, making the bright green color very appropriate.. haha.. furthermore he has ok’ed the use of hello kitty bento accessories in his bentos. i am so glad he is a man who is secure in his masculinity ;D ]

dokodemoissho bento, parts dokodemoissho bento, assembled

uneri (wave) elongated oval

this looks like a good box for rolled items like sushi pouches, vegetables rolled in beef, or tamagoyaki. i like the dark blue. i’ll need to pack some onigiri or something else in a seperate container for this to be enough food, but i really like the shape.

uneri (wave) bento, assembled uneri (wave) bento, parts

totoro mini containers

more totoro! i couldn’t resist. one is a little more masculine (as in, not pink) so i think it will work great for salads or fruit or other dessert to add to the lunch.

totoro mini containers

kakashi bento

i am a super big naruto fan, and when i was looking for bento boxes on ebay, i saw this and couldn’t resist. the seller also has naruto and sasuke boxes. i didn’t get naruto because it’s a little too bright for the kinds of lunches i pack. i think if i was more into decorative bento, i would totally go for it. that and i really liked the design on the kakashi box.

kakashi bento

here’s a sample of an assembled bento in the naruto bento series, thought i’d post it just cuz it’s a good example of how to assemble a bento:

naruto bento (sample)


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How do you like the totoro bento with the bowl? I am thinking of ordering it myself and was wondering if it holds together well. Most bentos seem to have a rubber band of sorts to hold all the layers together. Does this one not need one?

Comment by ngoc

haven’t received the shipment yet, should be coming any day now 😦 i’ll let you know when i get it. i was wondering the same thing, but i figured i would just tie it up in a furoshiki if there wasn’t a holding together mechanism.

Comment by i heart p0rk

I got the Totoro bowl set today! Very cute. Very in need of a furoshiki. I guess I have to go and buy one. 😛

Comment by ngoc

waahh i wish i had bought this kakashi bento box !!! it’s so cuuuuute !!! lucky you !

Comment by jenny

I love naruto

Comment by narutofreek12

uh i looked for 1 but couldnt find it?do u know how i can find 1?please,email me if u doo

Comment by hinatagurl360

I love the kakashi bento! do you have any idea where i can get one? i looked on ebay butfound non

Comment by Mrs. Hatake

Oh, dangit… I live in second end of the world (Poland), where is hardto get any good rince, miso or nori. And don’t ask about Bento Boxes, I could only find awful pink box (yea, I’m a boy ^^), and nothing, that could at least resemble Naruto box. Sigh…

Comment by Spierek

How do you get one of the Kakashi bentos? My mom wants me to get her one for christmas but I can’t find it anywhere…email me if you know please.

Comment by Brigit Centman

Grrrrrr, I cant find the Naruto Bento Box anywhere! Can you please tell me where you purchased yours?
Please and Thank You!

Comment by Kacey

Hi! In response to the queries about the Kakashi bento, I bought it 2 years ago on ebay when I was searching under “bento”. Try searching ebay for “naruto bento” and also try the ebay stores. That’s the best I can offer.

For the totoro bento it does not hold together well. I use a rubber band or a furoshiki.

Comment by i heart p0rk

I actually have one of the Kakashi bento up for auction on my Livejournal sales page (just click my name to go to the bento entry). 😀 I was originally going to keep it myself, as I already sold my Sasuke and Naruto ones, but I feel he needs to find a new home. I’ve never actually used it, so it’s in excellent shape. :3

Comment by Jess

This is a question for the Kakashi Hatake bento box: What was the name of the ebay seller that you bought it from?

Comment by Gabriela

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