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the curry of life!
December 30, 2005, 3:01 am
Filed under: Bento, Chicken

packed in a hurry cuz of the sleater-kinney and quasi at the showbox. looking back i could have arranged his bento waaaay better.

tonight, i made a very mild japanese curry (S&B Golden Curry in Mild flavor). the boy can’t handle spicy foods (but i love them!). my mom used to make this brand and she is also sensitive to spicy foods, so i figured he could handle it. and he liked it. yay!

clockwise from left: kiwi and mandarin oranges (to be removed when re-heated, i mean who likes cold curry.. not me), pork tonkatsu (attempted to draw a heart with tonkatsu sauce but it sort of oozed), chicken curry, pickled radish, and the white stuff is rice.

so apparantly the bento i packed for him yesterday was too much food. if i could go back, i would have only put one piece of salmon and filled the other half of the compartment with rice, and then i would have had less hijiki and put some mandarin or kiwi slices there instead. so now that i have a better sense of his portions, i predict that he will not finish the rice and might leave a little curry.

clockwise from left: chicken curry, ryakko, pickled radish, kiwi and persimmon, pork tonkatsu (fudged the heart.. again)

i apologize for the poor quality. i’m using an apple isight webcam way out of context, so the food looks all bland and yellow when really it’s quite the colorful combo. in actuality, the raddish is very red.


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