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salmon teriyaki
December 29, 2005, 2:26 am
Filed under: Bento, Fish

my bento!! i’m feeling very colorful..

back: salmon teriyaki with shiso leaves for garnish, rice with nori strips and umeboshi; front, from left: lotus root salad, stewed hijiki with aburage, persimmon slices, kiwi slice

the pink thing in between the hijiki and the fruit is a seperator dealio, usually they look like the green grass stuff that comes with sushi. i picked up some cute shapes today.. i really love those pink sakura blossoms!

his bento

back: rice with furikake and umeboshi; front, top left: lotus root salad, steamed carrots in flower shapes; bottom left: steamed hijiki with aburage; right: salmon teriyaki with shiso leaves for garnish (i thought it needed a little green)

i cut the carrots into flower shapes by using some tiny shape cutter thingies i found today.

i had some rice leftover.. so i made some onigiri. they are a little sloppy cuz the rice got a little dry from sitting, but i’m sure they’ll taste fine.

front and back onigiri: rolled in nori strips with umeboshi; middle onigiri: rolled in salmon furikake


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